I figured that the best way to try on as many nail polishes as possible at the same time is to swatch one nail polish per finger. Clever, huh? So here are the new glitter polishes that I bought: Models Own Emerald City, Scarlet Sparkle and Bluebelle, and Barry M Aqua Glitter. So much glitter!

Now, a word of warning... I did this in very dim lighting, and only put on two coats of each nail polish. I tried to do a quick clean up before all the precious daylight was gone but as you all probably know, there's no such thing as a quick clean up when it comes to glitter nail polish. So there are some very persistent pieces of glitter around my nails. Not pretty, but it'll have to do.
Feel free to ignore the fridge on the background.
The formula on these was very mixed. Emerald City and Bluebelle are very similar: lots and lots of square shaped glitter in a clear base. Bluebelle was a bit more watery, which made it easier to work with. The problem with Bluebelle was that I simply wasn't able to get it to cover the tips of my nails. I admit, I was in a hurry so I gave up after a while, but I still thought that was strange. Maybe it's supposed to be some sort of a glittery French manicure in a bottle?

Emerald City was super glittery and a bit thicker and it definitely needs a third or maybe even a fourth coat. I had trouble spreading it evenly, as you can probably tell. There are weird bald patches where glitter just wouldn't stick. However I love the way this looks, it's a lot brighter on my nails that in the bottle. It also looks a lot better in real life! It would probably look great layered over a dark teal polish.
Here you can see the nail tip and edge problems.
Scarlet Sparkle is different to the other two Models Own glitters, as the base in it is red, which makes it easier to wear on its on. It doesn't look great in the pictures with just two coats but it was lovely to work with. It's very bright and sparkly. Love it!

All three Models Own polishes dried super quickly, btw. By the time I had finished painting my hand, they were already dry. Guess that makes sense since there's so much glitter in them! And as always with Models Own polishes, they smell awful.
Barry M Aqua Glitter is gorgeous. To me it looks like a sparklier, more glittery version of Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream. It's beautiful. The mix of bigger glitter and microglitter looks unique (to me anyway) and beautiful and I can't wait to try layering it over other polishes. The drying time was a bit longer than with the other polishes but no more than a couple of minutes. It spread on nicely. Also, I really like how heavy the bottle is! Might be a bit random but it makes it feel expensive.

So, the conclusion: The Models Own polishes are very densely packed and require a little work, except for the red one, but I think they're worth it. Also, they don't feel like mini polishes, except for the wobbly lid. Barry M Aqua Glitter is amazing and probably the nicest glitter I've ever seen. If you don't have it yet, get it.

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